Synoptic Project – Texturing the Ceiling Beam

With the model done, it was time to texture it. This time I decided to use Substance Painter to see if that was any easier. I opened my model in the program and started by applying a wooden smart material to the beam. The benefit of a smart material is that you already have the bump, and spec maps already applied to the material and you can edit them and see how they look on the model in real time.


I added a steel smart material underneath for the metal bands. To make the metal appear, I applied a white mask to the wooden layer and used the poly-fill tool to colour the polys I wanted metal in black.


Finally, I wanted to make the beam look more old and damaged. This was achieved by drawing on a layer on top of the hierarchy using a soft brush and changing the colour to a pale, light brown. I then set the opacity of the brush quite low as I wanted to build up. I found all of the chunks that I removed with booleans and I coloured in the centre of the chunks. I changed the brush from the soft one to a range of brushes that Substance Painter had that simulated scratches. I used the range of brushes to add wear and tear to the shelves, editing the height map setting so that the scratches were going into the shelves, not sticking out.


I rendered the model and put the images into my portfolio.


I am very happy with this result as I think that my model looks very professional and I have enjoyed learning how to use a new software, Substance Painter. I definitely think that I will be using this to texture models in the future.


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