Synoptic Project – Shelves

I created the shelves as a place to put all of our ingredients. This model was very simple to make as it just involved me creating cubes and scaling them to create the shelve and support stick and duplicating the shapes.

Then to add character to the unit I moved the vertices on the shelves so that they were crooked. I then used booleans through the entire model to removes chunks from the wood.


I then took the model into Substance Painter to start working on the textures.

I started by applying a wooden smart material to the shelves. However, after applying the material, I realised that the grain on the wood was going the right way on the shelves but not on the support beams. So I went into 3Ds Max (as Maya doesn’t work on my laptop at home) and I edited the UVs so that the support beams were rotated 90 degrees and horizontal instead of vertical. After this, I reapplied the wood material to the shelves and it looked so much better.


With the texture on, I decided to add extra detail to make the shelves look old and worn. I used the same method that I talked about in my ceiling beam post.


With my model finished, it was time to render it and put it into an image for my portfolio.

Overall, I am very happy with how my model turned out. If I could improve anything, I would add more damage to the shelves and I would soften the damages by adding edge loops and editing the vertices to make the damages look more gradual.


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