Synoptic Project – Ceiling Beam

For the room I wanted to add more character so I decided to model some ceiling beams so that the ceiling didn’t look so bare. I started by creating a cube and scaling it so that it resembled a long block of wood.


Next I decided to add dints removed chunks to the beam to make it look aged and imperfect. I did this by creating shapes like cubes and cylinders and placing them within the beam.


Once placed, I used the Boolean Dofference tool to remove the chunk.


I did this multiple times until I had a rather distressed beam.


However, I still thought that the beam looked plain so I added metal bands along the shape.


I created a cube and scaled it so that it was slightly bigger that the beam but was also thin.



I am pleased with this model and am interested to see how it will effect the room in game. If I have more time, I will make more beams to add variation so that they don’t look the same. My next step is to texture the beam and then add it to the game.


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