Synoptic Project – Tome

One main asset that we needed for the game was the Tome. This is the book that you would refer to, to figure out how to make the potions. To get an idea of how the book would look and how the pages would lie, I found a hard copy of a book at home and I took photographs for reference.

I started by creating a cube, flattening it and stretching width, then I used the connect tool to add a bunch of edge loops in the middle of the cube. I moved the centre edges and vertices to create the curved spine of the book.


This was the cover done so I moved on to the pages. Once again, I created a square and made it slightly smaller but thicker than the cover. I also added the edge loops but this time, I spread them out and I moved the edges and vertices to give the shape of pages losing in an open book.


I am very happy with how my model turned out and I think that once textured, it will fit in very well with the game. My next step is the animate the book so that the pages turn when prompted.


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