8 Week Modelling Challenge – Normal Map and Finished Model

My next step with my hat model is to create the maps and texture. I decided to start with the card as the texture map would be easy to make and the card didn’t need a specular or normal map. I looked online on textures.com and found this image of a slightly worn out piece of paper.


I then took it into Photoshop and added text to make it look like the label that the Mad Hatter wears.

Card Texture

I then applied the texture to my card model and it was finished:


I then baked my high poly sculpt onto my low poly model so that I had the normal map to work with.


Using the UVs and the normal map, I was able to create the texture and specular map


Hat UV
Hat UV
Hat Texture
Hat Texture Map
Hat Normal Map

With all of my maps created, I applied them to my model and with that, I was finally finished:


I also made an image to use in my portfolio. This involved pictures of the wireframe, the sculpt and the final model along with all of the maps and information about what programs I used to make the model and the poly and tri count.


I am extremely pleased with how my model turned out. If I were to improve, I would work more on the sash to make the creases look more natural and make the texture map more coherent with the sculpt.


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