Synoptic Project – Coffee Bag

For the synoptic project that I’m working on (Unscholarly Alchemy) I was given the role of Production Lead and 3D Artist. This means that I’m responsible for the production side of things, making sure that the work is being done and for creating the 3D assets. One of my first tasks was to create the asset list so that I could start creating models for the game. Izzy (Creative Lead/2D Artist) and Louis (Technical Lead) added ingredients to the asset list and Izzy started working on concept art for the different models.


The first model on our list was Lucifer’s coffee and I had to wait for Izzy to finish with the concept before modelling as I wanted a reference image to base my model on so that all of the models would have the same art style a fit cohesively together.


I started the model by creating a plane and moving the vertices so that I’d made a tunnel shape with one end connected to the ground.


I selected the faces on the open end of the ‘tunnel’ and extruded to create the rolled up effect of the sack.


Then I duplicated the shape to complete the sack.

//Completed Model

I unwrapped the UV to give to Izzy so that she can texture the model.


I took the model into Mudbox and, using the stamp tool and some images I found of burlap material.



I then used the grab tool to pull at the sack to give a more lumpy and natural effect.


Finally, I baked the high poly sculpt onto the low poly model so that I had all of the detail but with the least amount of polys.


I also decided to texture the model myself so that I could put the model in my portfolio.

//Text Map

I went back into Mudbox with the old model and just used the grab tool to create the lumps as I chose to use the texture map as a secondary normal map.



The final model:

//Port Image

My next step is the create more assets for the game and to continue my work as Production Lead.


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