8 Week Modelling Challenge – MudBox

In my last post, I had finished the base model for my Jervis Tetch hat and I explained that my next step was to take the model into Mudbox to work on the normal map.


Before I got into the sculpting, I had issues with my model. Whenever I sent the model into Mudbox, there would be masses of errors and after a while, I found out that this was due to me accidentally duplicating the model and some of the duplicated polys attached themselves to the original model.


In the end, I deleted my model and started again however, since this was a simple model, it didn’t take long. Making sure that I hadn’t duplicated the model, I imported it into Mudbox and the only error I had was due to the fact that over 16 edges met at one point on top of the hat. But this wasn’t really an issue so I proceeded to start sculpting.


I started with the silk sash and for inspiration and reference, I found some images online of silk so that I could understand how the material folds and creases.

I used the sculpt tool for the majority of the sash, extruding the model to create lumps in the fabric and I inverted the tool to form creases and to create depth. I found this part of the task quite difficult as I had to make the creases look natural but randomised and I also had to make sure that the creases and folds flowed together as you look around the sash.


I then moved on to adding a material texture to the hat. I went on to textures.com and found this image that I thought would work well and I took it into Photoshop and edited it so that the image was black and white.


I then used this image as a stencil and used the sculpt tool to apply the texture to the base of the hat.


I really like how my sculpting has turned out and I’m quite proud at how I’m coming along with my Mudbox skills and how I’m getting used to the software. Next, I’ll have to UV unwrap and then start working on the texture.


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